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Czech Media


Private media in the Czech Republic mushroomed in the 1990s, and private radio and TV stations provide stiff competition for public broadcasters.

Public TV broadcaster Česká televize (ČTV) operates three channels ČT1, the more marginally - arts/sports and debate - focused ČT2, and the new news channel ČT24 transmitting also online. Two major private televisions TV Nova and TV Prima channels broadcast nationally, TV NOVA having the largest share of the market, closely followed by ČTV and TV Prima.

Czech public radio, Český rozhlas (ČRo), operates three national networks ČRo1, ČRo2 a ČRo3 as well as local services, foreign broadcast ČRo7 - Radio Prague (also transmitting online in several languages), classical music ČRo D-DUR and the news channel ČRo6 - formerly in cooperation with the US Radio Free Europe. There is around a hundred private radio stations on the air across the country.

The largest market share among the Czech newspapers is held by the tabloid Blesk daily, followed by MF Dnes and Právo daily with its most visited internet server Each prints around 3-400 000 issues daily.

Czech weekly magazines are represented by the popular Týden and more intelectual Respekt.

The Czech Republic also hosts the global headquarters and transmission centre of the US Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty which moved to Prague from Munich. RFE/RL is a private, international communications service to Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East, funded by the United States Congress. In the broadcast region, RFE/RL radio programs reach 35 million listeners. The radio transmits to regions where peaceful evolution of civil societies is in the U.S. national interest.

All main international press agencies have their representations in Prague. Among them, Reuters Founders Share Company Limited has chosen the former Czech Foreign Minister and dissident Jiří Dienstbier as its new director. The company is in charge of Reuters' independence, it holds its "golden" share and protects Reuters from takover and any majority control.


English language media:

Radio Prague - news and webcast in English and other languages.
Czech Happenings - public service in English Czech News Agency ČTK
Czech Business Weekly - weekly English language business publication about economics, people and culture in the Czech Republic.
Prague Post - Czech Weekly in English led mostly by expats writing for the large US communnity in Prague.

Media in Czech

Printed and Internet Media
1. Blesk tabloid daily - highest share of the printed media market
2. Mladá Fronta Dnes - with its frequently visited internet version iDnes - political center, leading reputable newspaper.
3. Právo - daily, political center left, the only Czech owned daily newspaper.
Novinky - joint venture between the daily Právo and the search engine. Main news server in the Czech Republic.
4. Lidové noviny - - daily, liberal or political right.
5. Hospodářské noviny - main business and economy daily
6. České noviny public service of the Czech Press Agency

TV Channels
1. Nova TV: private channel
2. Czech TV: public channels (ČT1, ČT2 and news channel ČT24)
3. Prima TV: private channel

Czech Radio:

Overview prepared by the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU in Brussels: .