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The Association of Czech Buildings Savings Banks in the Czech Republic (ACSS) comprises six buildings savings banks. It was founded on June 29, 2000, with the aim of supporting the joint interests of the buildings savings banks operating in the Czech Republic. It thus continued a long-term informal co-operation among the financial institutions.

A?SS concentrates primarily on the creation of favorable conditions for meeting the housing needs of citizens by means of co-operation, leading to the support and development of buildings savings and the extension of the offer of financial instruments. In addition to being members of the Association of Czech Buildings Savings Banks, all the buildings savings banks are members of the Czech Banking Association, uniting the financial institutions that operate on the Czech market.

Transformation and professionalizing

Members of the association were rotating in chairmanship according to given order in the first five years. Since second half of the year 2005 members decided to leave already unsatisfactory pattern of chairmanship rotation. New organizational structure that matches the common proceedings in companies meant one of the first steps on the way to professionalize ACSS.

System of the statutory organs has been now composed of the presidium, chairman and two vice-chairmen, which have been voted by members of presidiums out of its centre on time of two years members of presidium. Another activities in particular spheres belongs to to the scope of special commissions. In its activities, the Association utilizes the professional base of the buildings savings banks through commissions, permanent and temporal working groups. Working groups and commissions are in new system of management led by special guarantees, members of statutory organs of members. The secretary coordinates all operative activities of the Association.

Structure of Authorities of the Association

Memebers of the presidium execute the functions as follows:

Other memebers of the presidium:
Jiří Šperl, Tobias Heller, Hans Jürgen Wohlrabe

Secretary of the association:
Jiří Šedivý

The main task of the ACSS remains in creating positive conditions for financing housing requirements of citizens of Czech Republic. ACSS also maintains contacts with partnership associations in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany.

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